Weston Law

Project Description

Like many of ASAI’s clients, Weston Law Chambers, a well-established collective of lawyers, was in dire need of more space. The practice was moving from the 6th floor of an office building into five adjacent units of a commercial plaza. ASAI worked diligently with a client group comprised of seven independently practicing lawyers, assuring that not only the requirements of each practice were met, but that the shared and common resources properly represented the professionalism and collegial spirit of Weston Law. A particular challenge in this project was to provide all of the practitioners with not only an equal amount of square footage, but also with the same quality of space.

Client: Weston Law

Project Date: 2018 | Photos: Kuba Los

interior of weston law

ASAI Solution

One of the first steps was to join the three ground floor units of the commercial plaza with the two second floor units above in a meaningful and convenient way. A contemporary staircase connects the public waiting area to a lounge above, used by all staff for informal meetings and to share expertise. ASAI then focused on creating distinct zones within the office. Clients are greeted in a spacious waiting area shaped by custom millwork and carefully curated décor. Consultations take place in the numerous and organically-designed meetings rooms of varying sizes. The state-of-the-art boardroom comfortably seats 12. Offices line the perimeter of the space on both floors and the overall layout was carefully studied to ensure that each practitioner was able to set up his practice as needed. A clean, crisp aesthetic unites each independent firm under the umbrella of Weston Law Chambers.